Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hats Off To Fashion

Having naturally curly hair, there are some days where my hair has a mind of its own.  Now, I'm beginning to embrace the more natural look after realizing there's NO controlling curly hair. *waving white flag* Hair, you win.  It's okay though, for those impossible days where I dont want to look like Monica (from the episode from Friends where they go on vacation and it's impossibly humid?), I've found ways to pair cute hats with my outfits.
But don't get me wrong--they're not only for bad hair days;  They can actually make an outfit.  It's a win/win ladies..Spend less time on your hair in the morning and add a new twist to your outfit? Perfect.  With Spring just around the corner, I'm ready to trade my stocking hats for some cute wide-brimmed fedoras or stylish baseball caps.

Free people has some great baseball hats and fedoras:
If you want to show some support for your favorite team!

What do you think--Yay or nay?  I think it's the perfect mix of sporty/fashion.  It can easily add a fun twist to your day or night outfit--I know I will be a much happier person on my "bad hair days".  

Danni/O, Human Holiday!

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