Friday, April 26, 2013

I'll tell you all my secrets: Part 2

If you read my last post (here), then you know that I'm doing a 5 part post about saving money, but still looking your best! I've got a ton of great ways to do this, but still get exactly the look you were going for. Today I'll teach you some tricks on buying clothing and accessories. If you take the time to do your research, you can usually find exactly what you wanted at more than half the price! I used this same method today and had great success! YOU CAN TOO! This is how it works

Step 1: Find your product

I found these perfect sunglasses about a year ago via Pinterest. Nobody seemed to know where they came from or who sold them. In my experience, the photos that are professionally taken, tend to use things that are designer products (which mean expensive) or used for magazines (which might mean international). This makes it THAT MUCH HARDER to track down.

Step 2: Find the source
Google and Pinterest are beautiful things, are they not? But what about the time, when you're on Pinterest, find the most amazing top, you click on the Pinner's source and it takes you to someone's blog where they DON'T tell you anything about the product. That's when it's time to turn to Google.

1. Save the Pinterest photo to your desktop first.
2. Then go to Google Images. You will see a little camera icon on the right side of the search engine like you see below. Select it to upload your image.

 Once your image is uploaded, Google does all the work for you. It not only shows you all the other people who have uploaded the same image, but it tells you every website that displays the same photo. As you can see below, there are at least 10 pages of websites that have featured the sunglasses I was looking for. Most of these were blogs or Pinterest boards. But then...

I FOUND THE ORIGINAL!! The link took me to the exact pair as featured on Pinterest. Only problem was, and exactly as I thought, they were a designer brand and $109 in US dollars.

They were in my "Shopping Cart" and everything, but being in a stint where I'm trying not to spend money on unnecessary things, I decided not to purchase them. I bookmarked the website and decided to return when I had the extra cash. But then I thought. "Wait, maybe I could search for this brand on eBay and see if someone is selling the same ones."

Step 3: Before you drop the cash, check eBay!

Sure enough, after lots of searching using every variety of keywords imaginable, I found them. $7.95 and Free Shipping!


GOLD w/ DARK LENS ROUND FRAME SPECTACLES vintage circle lennon sunglasses

It's important to be very careful though. Sometimes these sellers will show pictures of a product that aren't the exact ones they are selling. These for example, show the same model as pictured above, but do not mention the original maker of the sunglasses. That's a red flag that you're buying a knock-off, or that the product you're buying is not what is shown in the photo.

You may need to send a direct message to the seller and ask for a better description of the product. In my case, even if they weren't the exact ones as pictured above, I like them enough and it was worth it to me to pay the $7.95 (and free shipping) and hope they were the same.

Step 4: REJOICE!
You just spent a fraction of the price for the exact same thing! Whether you do this for accessories, clothing, household items, etc., you can rest easy in the fact that you are going to look your best without spending your hard-earned cash.

Syd/O, Human Holiday!


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