Thursday, January 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday

I think we can all agree that we have had some fashion styles we regret. Those outfits we wore and wonder why no one ever stopped us? Those immediate face in hand reactions to middle school/high school staples we wore in the hallways with pride. I seem to have a lot of those..I went through a few different stages in high school- one being my infamous Hot Topic phase. Now, I wont say this is "bad fashion", because this is definitely still a style people wear extremely well--this post is just about those styles that you may not necessarily be able to pull off, ie; My Hot Topic Phase. Unfortunately, that was not my only faux paux. Let me enlighten you...

1. Having naturally curly hair and being the only one of your friends who doesnt have long flowing, straight locks was hard for me. So hard that I would straighten my bangs--yes, just my bangs. I had the whole side swept, straight bang on a head of full curly hair. No pic to spare me the embarassment--the image in your head is bad enough :)

2. Platform/chunky flip flops-- really no need for description. Those were just akward to walk in and pair with the outfits I came up with. At least the 5 inch heels we all traded them in for are more flattering.

3. Ripped jeans- not the occasional rip on the knee. I'm talking cutouts upon cutouts-- see pic below. One question- Why not just wear shorts?

Those are my three personal fashion mishaps. Like I said before, these are not bad fashions--just not for me. To make me feel better- send me comments on your cringe-worthy outfits or trends. Fess up ladies (and gents)!!

How cute does Syd look in her head to toe Osh Kosh?

Danni/ O, Human Holiday!

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