Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sneak Attack

Question: Sneakers or Heels? I would normally consider myself more of a "heels girl".  I have acquired quite the collection over the years and would much rather slip on some strappy heels than tennis shoes on most days.  Then, there are days like today.  My day is filled with lots of errands and running around the city--so my sneaks seem very appealing at this point.
I bought my first pair of "sneaker wedges" at Bakers a few years ago and wore them with pretty much any style.  I would pair it with skinnies and a chic blazer, or dressed down with leggings and an oversized sweater.  They're so versatile and comfortable and it seems like many fashionistas have jumped on the sneaker trend as well.

CARE, EVGA, ALMA/AKM-GSI; Ray Tamarra/FilmMagic
I'm loving how different each of their looks are with the sneakers- casual to city-chic.  I love them paired with black leather leggings or a great pair of skinny jeans.  

Michael Kors High Top Sneaker
Ash High Top Wedge Skeaker
H by Halston High Top
Air Jordan Retro Sneaker
High Top Nike Wedges

So, what do you think-Yay or nay on the sneaker trend?  Personally, Im on board--Anytime I can have both comfort and fashion count me in. :)

Danni/O, Human Holiday!

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