Thursday, September 5, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

I love designer clothing...Actually, let me rephrase.  I love looking/lusting over designer clothing. If I'm in the store browsing, I always manage to pick up the most expensive item without looking at the price tag-- It never fails.  This is because with high price comes higher quality, more unique designs, and better fit for the most part.  Granted there are many reasonably priced designs that are just as great, but you get my point :).  Well, good news for me and my designer loving fashionistas.  Target has done it again- this time with one of my favorites, Phillip Lim.  I love the fact that these designers are able to have their pieces in places like Target so the everyday consumer is able to have access to these great designs.  Yes, they arent the same quality- but they are still great designs.  Phillip Lim has designed both men and women's fashions for his Target line.  The designs are more simplistic, but they still have that edge to each design.  It is a more modern collection- Im loving the men's collection.  It's the perfect combination between fashion and comfort- Win, win.  The designs hit stores September 19th, so let the countdown begin!

Danni/O, Human Holiday!

all images via lookbook for Phillip Lim

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