Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Makeup Trends - The 90's

Nirvana. Black nail polish. Slicked back hair. Combat boots.

Depending on what part of the 80's you were born in, you probably rocked a bit of the grunge in the 90's. Maybe you could relate more to being a preteen then and your style consisted of plastic choker, Delia's daisy purses and jellies. Well, fear not. You have a chance to rock it again!

We're seeing a lot of trends for the fall, but one of the biggest is directly related to my personal favorite...the 90's. Everywhere you look there's a crop top and platform shoes. Heck, even overalls are coming back! But what about the makeup? Check out some of my favorites for this fall with these chic 90's inspired looks.
Perfectly lined dark red lips and gloomy eyes

Smudged grey eyeliner and perfect pale skin
Love this dark plum lip and nude eye. Perfect balance and totally grunge!

Bold eyebrows are a must have! Smokey eyeliner
and a bold lip will keep everything balanced.

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