Wednesday, September 3, 2014


With the last weeks of summer coming to an end, it's right time I start dreaming of fall.

Every fall, wherever my life was at the time, I go through somewhat of a cozy obsession. Perhaps with the colder weather, I start thinking of the holidays, family time, parties, lazy Sundays with my hubbie, drinking hot tea and listening to records. Naturally (for me, maybe not for most) this includes going through our apartment, rifling through the old decor and trading it in for brand new, cozy, beauties.

It looks like this year will be no exception. Fortunately for me, I have a DIY eye and love to learn to make things myself. Unfortunately for my husband, we have an entire closet designated to my failed projects. Perhaps the rifling should start there?

Take a look at some of the cozy homestead designs I've been obsessed with! And, if you feel so inclined, head on over to the O, Human Holiday! Pinterest Page and follow our Home Sense board!

Syd/O, Human Holiday!

@local_milk on instagram (weaving by sonadora)confined and cozywhite cabinetsmorning coffeecircle mirror + garland 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We're back! And do we have a story for you.

We're so happy to be back in the blog world. How on earth do we recap the last 10 months?? Let's see...

Syd got married, moved into a new place with her hubby, is starting a new business and got a dog.

Danni was on the Bachelor (Juan Pablo's season) and will be part of the unexpected twist on the new show Bachelor in Paradise airing August 4th.

Okay, that was a lot easier than we thought it would be. Stay tuned. We have so much to tell you!

Syd & Danni / O, Human Holiday!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

So long... For now

There are a lot of exciting things happening for "O, Human Holiday!" as of late. We can't wait to tell you all about them. The problem is, it's going to have to wait. In fact, it's going to have to wait a while. Probably close to 6 months. Until then Danni and I have to sign off, but we plan on coming back with guns blazin!

Thank you to our loyal readers! We love you!!

Syd & Danni/O, Human Holiday!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Makeup Trends - The 90's

Nirvana. Black nail polish. Slicked back hair. Combat boots.

Depending on what part of the 80's you were born in, you probably rocked a bit of the grunge in the 90's. Maybe you could relate more to being a preteen then and your style consisted of plastic choker, Delia's daisy purses and jellies. Well, fear not. You have a chance to rock it again!

We're seeing a lot of trends for the fall, but one of the biggest is directly related to my personal favorite...the 90's. Everywhere you look there's a crop top and platform shoes. Heck, even overalls are coming back! But what about the makeup? Check out some of my favorites for this fall with these chic 90's inspired looks.
Perfectly lined dark red lips and gloomy eyes

Smudged grey eyeliner and perfect pale skin
Love this dark plum lip and nude eye. Perfect balance and totally grunge!

Bold eyebrows are a must have! Smokey eyeliner
and a bold lip will keep everything balanced.

Monday, September 9, 2013

The Messy Look

If I've learned anything the past couple of weekends, it's been how to fall in love with the "un-done" hair look. After spending the weekend camping 2 weeks ago (it went great by the way) and this past weekend spending all my time outside (in the heat) for LouFest music festival, I'd say I've mastered the look.

You can take the look one or two different ways, and I've done both!

1. Messy Up-do
For me, this meant throwing my curly mop up into a messy top-knot. To keep the style together and still give my hair texture, I...

Started with a little styling cream
Let my hair air dry
Added a light hairspray to help keep from frizzing in the hot breeze
Tied it up with a hair tie

These girls know exactly what I'm talkin' about.

LouFest Day 2

 2. Let it fly
The second version of the messy look, is to just let your hair fall where it may! I completely respect the woman who can pull off this look and still look 100% put together. I'm still working on it, but my hair is naturally curly and tends to get large and frizzy if I don't tame it somehow. To help achieve this look you can...

Spray hair with sea-salt spray or texture spray while it's wet
Let it air dry
Note: Make sure you let your hair air dry with your part in the correct place. There's nothing worse than having to try to work around a bad part.

Or my method

Throw in some anti-frizz styling mousse or creme
Let air dry while periodically grabbing hair in medium to large pieces, twisting and twirling hair through the fingers. This keeps my curl in tact and aids in the non-frizzing process.

LouFest Day 1
Syd/O, Human Holiday!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Phillip Lim for Target

I love designer clothing...Actually, let me rephrase.  I love looking/lusting over designer clothing. If I'm in the store browsing, I always manage to pick up the most expensive item without looking at the price tag-- It never fails.  This is because with high price comes higher quality, more unique designs, and better fit for the most part.  Granted there are many reasonably priced designs that are just as great, but you get my point :).  Well, good news for me and my designer loving fashionistas.  Target has done it again- this time with one of my favorites, Phillip Lim.  I love the fact that these designers are able to have their pieces in places like Target so the everyday consumer is able to have access to these great designs.  Yes, they arent the same quality- but they are still great designs.  Phillip Lim has designed both men and women's fashions for his Target line.  The designs are more simplistic, but they still have that edge to each design.  It is a more modern collection- Im loving the men's collection.  It's the perfect combination between fashion and comfort- Win, win.  The designs hit stores September 19th, so let the countdown begin!

Danni/O, Human Holiday!

all images via lookbook for Phillip Lim

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Threefloor Clothing

I came across the line, THREE FLOOR fashion, when looking at one of my favorite fashion blogs, Sea of Shoes.  It is safe to say I want every piece!  The brand started in November or 2011 and has since grew because of its amazing/unique designs.  The brands creative director, Han Chong, looked at fashion bloggers and street style to inspire his collection.  The "effortless" look without being too "mainstream".  The designs are definately fashion forward, but are never too trendy or too Lady Gaga-esque, if that makes sense. The cut of each dress, the amazing texture of the knitwear, and the fact that each piece has the perfect amount of edge has me hooked. What do you think- would you sport these designs?

Danni/O, Human Holiday!

Campaign Coat--My Favorite!

White Out Dress

About A Girl dress

Soul Mate Jumpsuit

Vida Vida Dress

Meshed Up Dress